Payments in Online Casino with PayPay – What is PayPay Casino? Advantages and disadvantages of using PayPay Bank and how to deposit and withdraw funds.

This article provides the following information about PayPay payments in online casinos:

  • What types of online casinos accept PayPay?
  • What are the benefits of using PayPay?
  • How to make deposits and withdrawals from your PayPay bank account;
  • Summary of PayPay Online Casinos;

So, in this article, we would like to show how to open an account with PayPay Bank, and online casinos that support it. We would like to provide you with a comprehensive guide to opening an account with PayPay Bank, supported online casinos, and deposit/withdrawal methods.

カジノ PAYPAY online casinos

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You may have noticed that many online casinos already support PayPay banking.

With the growing popularity of PayPay banking, more and more online casinos will support payday banking, as the popularity of PayPay banking increases, more and more online casinos will support it.

When choosing an online casino to play at, you may want to consider whether or not PayPay is available when choosing which online casino to play at.


How to open an account at PayPay bank

PayPay Bank changed its name from the former Japan Net Bank in 2021, it has become an online bank that does not require a visit to a counter to open an account. Currently, the old Japan Net Bank accounts can still be used.

In fact, there was a background of many gamblers using PayPay Bank accounts for horse racing and other activities.

In this trend, online casino sites can also enjoy gambling with PayPay, and there are a great number of them.

You can easily open an account by entering the required information on this page.

As long as you have a driver’s license, you can open a PayPay account on the same day from the application as soon as possible, so you can start by creating a PayPay account so that you can deposit and withdraw funds to the online casino.


Advantages and Cautions of Using PayPay Bank for Online Casino Deposits and Withdrawals


There are some advantages to making online casino deposits and withdrawals via PayPay Bank

1. deposits and withdrawals can be made at any time

As mentioned earlier, PayPay Bank is an online bank,
As long as you have an Internet environment and a device at hand, you can deposit and withdraw funds to and from the casino whenever you like by entering your information and completing the necessary procedures.

There is also a smartphone application, so there is no need to prepare a computer to make deposits and withdrawals from the casino.

2. Security and peace of mind

By using a Japanese bank, you can feel safer in terms of security compared to virtual currency accounts or overseas accounts.

3. Withdraw winnings from ATMs

PayPay Bank, of course, supports ATM withdrawals.

Therefore, you can cash out your winnings immediately by following the prescribed procedures.

This is a major advantage of using PayPay at online casinos, which is different from virtual currency, where the procedures are more complicated.

4. Participate in regular cash giveaway campaigns

By supporting PayPay Casino, you can participate in promotions where you can get bonuses for getting money and playing at new online casinos.

Campaigns are held regularly at various on-casinos, and your PayPay bank account is often used to receive the rewards.

Please check the list of on-campaigns above to learn more about some of these campaigns!

Some of them may even come with free spins that you can get as a registration and deposit bonus.


Then, let’s also review the precautions to be taken when depositing and withdrawing money. In particular, the commission fee is an area of great concern to everyone. Make sure to check and understand them carefully.

1. Transfer limit

Each casino site has a set limit on the amount of money that can be transferred from your bank account.

In addition, there is a limit on the amount of money that can be transferred from your bank account to PayPay Bank, so it is not possible to deposit a large amount of money at one time using your bank account.

This limit varies from person to person, but by default, the PayPay Bank limit is approximately 1-3 million yen.

Note that you can also change this transfer limit yourself.

If you want to enjoy Onkaji more seriously, why not try changing the limit at PayPay Bank?

2. Commission fee

Many PayPay bank-enabled online casinos are convenient, but you will have to pay a fee in most cases.

The normal fee is 145 yen, and if your average deposit balance is over 30 million yen, there is no fee for transfers to non-PayPay banks.

PayPay Bank-to-PayPay Bank transfers are commission-free regardless of the above conditions.

There are several casinos that accept PayPay bank transfers, including Casitabi.

By using a gambling site that supports PayPay, such as this one, it is possible to reduce the commission fee to zero.


Deposit and withdrawal methods other than PayPay

Of course, you can choose to make deposits and withdrawals other than PayPay for online casino payments.

Some of the on-casino deposit/withdrawal methods are listed below:



EcoPayz is a service operated by a British company that is widely used around the world as an online casino payment method.

Similar to PayPay, the appeal of Payz is that you can freely make deposits and withdrawals at your own convenience.

There are a great many online casinos that support this service.

Please click on this link for more information in Japanese.


Rakuten Bank, Ltd.

Rakuten Bank is a popular online bank among the Japanese, operated by Rakuten of Japan.

Rakuten Bank also has gambling sites where deposits and withdrawals can be made, although the number of available online casino sites is smaller than that of PayPay.

What makes it more attractive compared to PayPay is that the conditions for waiving transfer fees to other banks are more lenient than those of PayPay Bank.

PayPay requires an average deposit balance of at least 30 million yen to pay a fee, while Rakuten Bank waives the fee as long as the deposit balance is at least 100,000 yen.
(There is a limit on the number of times you can make a deposit.)

So, for those who want to make a more economical deposit, we recommend choosing a casino that supports Rakuten Bank.

The commission fee at Rakuten Bank is 145 yen, the same as at PAPAY Bank.


Virtual currency

Virtual currencies such as Bitcoin and altcoins are popular.

All virtual currencies are anonymous and can be used for safe and fast online casino deposits and withdrawals.

Globally, it is the most popular online casino payment method, and it is favored by casino high rollers because it has a higher deposit limit than bank accounts such as PayPay bank.


Visa (credit) card

This is ideal for those who want to play online casinos right now!

Just like online shopping, you can simply enter your credit card information, and your money will be deposited instantly.

You cannot use your credit card to make withdrawals, so you need to have a PayPay bank account or another account for withdrawals.



This electronic money can be used for on-currency deposits and withdrawals.

More than 12 different currencies, including the Japanese yen, are available. You can easily deposit money to overseas online casinos.


VEGA WALLET (formerly Venus Points)

A relatively new service, Vega Wallet is a great value e-money service featuring a unique point-back service.

It can also be conveniently used for on-cash deposits and withdrawals.


How to use deposits and withdrawals from PayPay Bank

Deposit Method

The procedure for depositing money into a PayPay online casino is very simple.

There are minor differences between each on-casino, but the basic process is as follows.

  1. Proceed to the online casino deposit page
  2. On the deposit screen, select Bank Wire as the payment method and proceed.
  3. Click on PayPal Bank
  4. Enter the amount you wish to deposit
    *Please set the amount paying attention to the deposit limit as described in the notes.
  5. Check the casino’s transfer information as it appears.
  6. Deposit the same amount from PayPay Bank as specified in Step 4.
    *If Steps 4 and 6 are not the same amount, the deposit process will result in an error, so be careful.
  7. The deposit amount is reflected in the cash balance of the player’s account once the payee bank transfer is confirmed.

Withdrawal Method

Same as for deposits, PayPay is very easy to withdraw money from the online casino.

  1. Select the online casino’s Withdrawal page
  2. On the Withdrawal page, select Bank Wire
  3. Select PayPay bank
  4. Enter the withdrawal amount and PayPay account information
  5. As soon as the online casino approves your withdrawal request, the funds will be deposited into your PayPay bank account.

Please note that withdrawals from PayPay take about the same amount of time (a few hours to a few days) as a regular bank transfer,

If you are in a hurry, we recommend using virtual currency or electronic payment services.

Important info

Make sure your transfer ID is correct!

When depositing at some online casinos using PayPay bank, you may be asked to “enter your transfer ID” in front of your name in the “Transfer Name” field.
Please enter your transfer ID before your name in the name field.

This ID will be assigned by the on-card side. To avoid entering the wrong ID, copy and paste it into PayPay as much as possible.

For more secure deposits and withdrawals…

Even at online casinos that accept PayPay Bank (formerly Japan Net Bank), you may still be concerned about problems with payments, deposits, and withdrawals.

We recommend that you choose an online casino that offers Japanese-language customer support to make deposits and withdrawals more secure.

If a problem should occur during the payment process, you will be able to solve the problem without the need for language skills, as they can provide consultation in Japanese.



In this article, we explained about gambling (online casinos) that can be done with PayPay.

We recommend using PayPay for the following players:

  • People who want to deposit and withdraw money and enjoy on-casino games with peace of mind in terms of security;
  • Online casino beginners;
  • People who already have a PayPay account;
  • People who are not particular about which online casino they want to play;
  • People who do not want to deposit large amounts of money at one time and want to enjoy online casino games little by little.

On the other hand, online casino PayPay deposits and withdrawals are not recommended for such people.

  • People who want to make deposits and withdrawals to and from the casino in a more timely manner.
  • People who have a specific on-casino they want to play and that on-casino does not support PayPay deposits and withdrawals.
    (This will be the case for most advanced online casino players)
  • People who want to deposit large amounts of money at once and immerse themselves in the online casino to the fullest.

Please familiarize yourself with the features of PayPay and use it as a reference when using PayPay at online casinos.

Also, if you want to know more about online casinos (onkaji), please refer to other articles on this site!

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