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Online Casino Recommendation Ranking! An in-depth explanation of the latest on-casinos for Japanese.

We have carefully selected the following recommended online casinos for players in Japan. All the online casinos we introduce are licensed, safe, and secure.

Recommended Online Casinos

We have carefully selected a wide range of recommended online casinos to accommodate any player’s needs and preferences. We provide detailed and comprehensive information and explanations of online casinos to help you find the right online casino from all angles, including casinos, games, and bonuses.

How to choose a recommended online casino

In order to provide you with the best online casino recommendations for Japanese people, we have selected the following items for your consideration.

  • Reliability: We only refer you to online casinos that are licensed, operated, and reliable;
  • Realistic Ratings: See what online casino experts have to say about our online casinos;

These are arguably the most important factors in choosing an online casino. Since online casinos are operated overseas, some people may feel uneasy about them. It is extremely important to check if the casino is licensed and operated as a criterion to determine if it is a reliable online casino.

In addition, evaluations by experts with years of experience in the online casino industry and reviews by players who have actually played at online casinos are also valuable materials in making your choice of an online casino.

We have created a recommended ranking based on a comprehensive evaluation of these factors, and will only introduce online casinos that are truly compatible with Japanese players.

Online Casino Bonuses and Offers

The types of bonuses and special offers vary widely from online casino to online casino. In addition, different types of bonuses are offered and available at similar online casinos. The following is an overview of the bonuses available at online casinos.

The main types of bonuses available at online casinos are:

  • Bonus Money
  • Free Spins
  • Cashback
  • Free Chips
  • Free Bets

Bonus money is the most basic bonus and can be spent on slots, live casino games, sports bets, or any other game you like, just like cash, but bonus money cannot be withdrawn. The bonus money comes with withdrawal conditions attached to it and can be withdrawn once those conditions are met. It is often given as a no-deposit bonus or first-deposit bonus. In the case of deposit bonuses, the amount of money you receive depends on the amount of your deposit.

Free spins are free rewards on slots, and as the name implies, they allow you to spin slot games for free. You can receive them as a first deposit bonus or as a bonus given out in periodic promotions. The main type of free spins are those that can be used for specific slots, and there are different types of free spins for different numbers of games. Some online casinos also offer the privilege of playing the bonus stage from the beginning instead of free spins.

Online casino cashback is a bonus in which a portion of the money you play at the casino is given back as cash. The cash-back funds can be used for another round of gameplay, or, unlike bonus money, can be withdrawn outright, as no withdrawal conditions are set.

Free chips are free chips that can be used for live casino games and other table games. They cannot be used for slot games, so this bonus is recommended for those who like to play live casino games.

Free bets are bonuses that can be used in the sportsbook and are sometimes given out at online casinos that focus on the sportsbook. You can get them as a first deposit bonus or as a bonus for promotions held in conjunction with big sports events.

These bonuses can be received as no deposit bonuses, deposit bonuses, seasonal event campaign bonuses, or through the online casino’s cash-back system, and the amount you can receive depends on how much you deposit and how much you play.

No Deposit Bonus (Free)

No-deposit bonuses, as the name implies, are bonuses that can be received without making a deposit into your account. It is also called a sign-up bonus and is mainly given when you create a new account. This is a free bonus that does not require a deposit, and by using this bonus, you can enjoy casino games risk-free.

First Deposit Bonus

A first deposit bonus is a bonus you receive when you make your first deposit after creating a new account. The types of bonuses vary from online casino to online casino, with each online casino site offering different types of bonuses such as bonus money, free spins, and cashback.

First deposit bonuses are usually more affordable, and if you take advantage of them, you can expect to win with the bonuses. Some online casinos offer different amounts of bonuses depending on the amount of your deposit.

Online Casino Games

Online casinos offer more than thousands of games, from low-cost slots to high-winning jackpots. All types of casino games are thoroughly explained.

What is an online casino?

Online casinos, as the name implies, are casinos where you can actually wager money over the Internet. In other countries, casinos exist all over town, and you can enjoy various games such as slots and live casino games, but with online casinos, you can play these games anytime and anywhere on the Internet with a smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can play these games anytime, anywhere on the Internet with your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

A Wide Variety of Online Casino Games

Online casinos have made it easy to gamble online. Each casino offers a wide variety of games and services, from state-of-the-art live casino games to video slots, which have become one of the major game types in the modern era. Online casinos have grown from their former position as a niche hobby to a popular gaming service that anyone can play.

If you want to visit a storefront casino and have an experience similar to a real casino, then live casino games should be right up your alley. Whether you are into bingo or sports betting, there is always a casino that will scratch that itch you are looking for.

One of the great features of online casinos is that you can play a huge number of different games on one website. You can play slots, enjoy live casino tables, bet on sports, poker, bingo, and more all on one site.

And what’s more, the online casino offers bonuses on all games. For example, you can play an extra round of bingo, get a slot bonus to play more spins on slots or get free spins to spin slots for free. Sportsbooks also offer betting bonuses that allow you to place risk-free bets. Also, don’t miss the cashback that you get back the more you play. You can get these bonuses from online casinos in a variety of forms, including no deposit bonuses for registering an account and first deposit bonuses for making your first deposit. A good casino will help your chances of winning with bonuses, and even better casinos offer bonuses on all types of games.

Slot games

Slot games are an integral part of online casinos, like rice and miso soup in a set meal. Slot games are so plentiful, state-of-the-art systems, high-winning potential, and great design all combine to make them quick and easy to play. Why not spin the reels now and see what happens?

Playing slots is quite simple. Choose a slot game that looks interesting, decide on a bet amount, and then just spin. You don’t need complicated strategies or complicated technical knowledge to enjoy slots.

Most slots have a bonus game or free spins feature, and when certain patterns are aligned, you enter the bonus stage. The bonus stage offers free spins, which not only allows you to spin the slots for free but also increases your chances of winning more money than in the normal stage, as you have a higher chance of matching the pattern.


Baccarat is a table game. The basic mechanics of the game are simple: bet on which of the two hands (player and banker) being dealt will be stronger.

The simplicity of the rules and ease of play make baccarat a very popular table game among Japanese players, and online casinos offer a wide variety of tables, from live casino tables to regular tables.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of baccarat: live casino type, where you actually play against the dealer in real-time, and regular baccarat, which is anything but that. Live baccarat allows you to enjoy chatting with the dealer while playing the game, giving you the illusion that you are playing in a storefront casino. Live casino baccarat is especially recommended for those who want to enjoy a real casino experience.


Blackjack is another type of table game. In blackjack, the game is played between your hand and the dealer’s hand, and the deciding factor is which hand’s total is closer to 21.

Blackjack is also available as a live casino game and other games. Live Blackjack is a very popular game that allows players to enjoy the realistic atmosphere of an actual casino.

There are a variety of tables, from low-betting tables to high-betting tables for high rollers, and online casinos offer gaming venues to meet the needs of all types of players.



When you hear the word “casino game,” roulette is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Roulette is another very popular game, a simple, classic game in which players try to predict where the ball will land on the numbers on a wheel.

There is a wide variety of betting options, including inside bets on a single number, two options such as red or black, odd or even, and outside bets such as corner bets, where you bet on multiple numbers simultaneously.

Roulette can also be played against a live dealer, making it easy to experience the excitement of a casino at an online casino.

cozy casino onkaji



Bingo is a classic game in which players fill up their bingo cards by predicting the correct numbers to be announced. You win when your guess is the first number chosen. Online bingo offers additional options for players to play in their own way for even more fun.

Choose your favorite type of bingo game and start playing online bingo. Once you have chosen your bingo type, you can then purchase tickets and check the numbers on your ticket. If the number on your ticket is chosen among the randomly selected numbers, you win a prize.


Lotto is one of the most popular forms of gambling in the world. Its simplicity and the chance to win large sums of money always thrill players.

Playing the lotto is very simple, as you know. Select the game you want to play, buy a ticket, and wait for the numbers to appear. If the number on your ticket is the same as the number that came up, you win. The more numbers on your ticket match the winning numbers, the higher your winnings.

Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are one of the most popular types of gambling. You check to see if you have won by scratching your ticket. Their simplicity and their straightforward fun are what have made them so popular over the years.

Online, scratch tickets work the same way. However, of course, scratching is done virtually. You buy a ticket and then use your mouse on a computer or your finger on a smartphone or tablet to scratch the ticket. If the pattern or number that comes out is a winner, you win.


In online poker, you play against other players in real time. Hone your tactics, beat the odds, and you will be the master of the table. The most popular form of online poker is Texas Hold’em.

Playing online poker requires a little skill and an understanding of the rules of poker before you begin. After you understand the rules and know how to play, all you have to do is find a seat at an online table and start playing. In every round, cards are dealt and players make bets on their respective hands. The player with the strongest hand, or the last player to fold, takes all the winnings.

Sports Betting

The history of sports betting is as old as sports itself. Sportsbooks are commonly offered at larger casinos, where you can bet on a variety of sports matches. You can bet on local games or on big international events.

Sports betting is made very easy to play at online casinos. First, select the game or event you want to bet on, choose from the betting options available, and decide how much you want to bet. Once you have placed your bet, all you have to do is wait for the outcome of your bet.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is a sport with a long history, and many people may have the impression that horse racing is a form of gambling offered in Japan. Horse racing is a form of gambling that originated in England and originally began as a pastime for the upper classes, but this is not the case today.

Betting on racehorses works the same way as betting on other sports. You select the race you want to bet on, choose a horse, and decide how much you want to bet. All you have to do is wait for the results and see if your bet was correct.

How to Play in Online Casinos

Today, almost all forms of gambling can be played online, and online casinos are the best example of this, and online casinos offer all of these forms of gambling. This online casino playing guide will explain how to

  • Choose a recommended online casino site
  • Register a player account
  • Make a deposit
  • Play the games
  • Withdraw your money when you win

Choose a safe and reliable online casino

Only licensed online casinos can offer their services to players. All the online casinos introduced on this site are licensed and reliable.

We have carefully selected only those online casinos that have been carefully chosen by our online casino experts, so you can play with confidence.

Read Review

Once you find a site that looks interesting, it is also important to check the ratings and reviews to see what other players have to say about the site.

We evaluate each site from two perspectives.

  1. Reviews by Experienced Experts;
  2. Real evaluations and reviews by real users;

These two features allow us to give you an accurate evaluation of each site. If you play at an online casino site, please let us know what you think of it.

Receive Bonus

Most online casinos offer bonuses to newly registered players. For example, online casinos that offer first deposit bonuses allow players to try out games with the bonus funds before they actually play with their own money and risk losing.

Newly registered players usually receive the following bonuses:

  • Registration Bonus, No Deposit Bonus;
  • First Deposit Bonus;

You can learn more about the bonuses offered by each online casino site on our recommendation ranking and explanation pages. You can find out how much bonus you can get, how to get the bonus, and all the terms and conditions set for the bonus that you should check beforehand.

There are many different ways to receive these bonuses. Depending on the casino, you may only need to register or deposit to receive the bonus, or you may need to enter a checkmark or bonus code when you register or deposit in order to receive the bonus.

Each casino has slightly different rules on how to receive bonuses, rules, and withdrawal requirements, so be sure to read the explanation page and the General Terms and Conditions and the Terms and Conditions of the bonus provided in the casino to make sure you understand them before you receive the bonus.

There are many types of bonuses, the main ones being bonus money that can be used for almost any game, including slots and table games, free spins for certain slots, and cash back.

In the case of free spins, each casino often has carefully selected free spins on popular machines for Japanese players, allowing you to play popular machines for free with free spins before spending your own precious money.

Cash back, as the name implies, is a cash refund of a portion of the funds you have played with. Since it is cash and not bonus money, you will be able to withdraw your money directly.


Clicking on the “Play Now” button will take you to the respective online casino site. It is important to check through the site before registering an account to make sure it is a site you really want to register and play at.

If you actually like what you see on the site, click on the “Register”, “Register”, or “Create Account” buttons that should be in plain sight.

Once you are on the registration page, you will first need to fill out the registration form. The information you will be asked for on the registration form is as follows

  • Full Name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone number
  • Other information such as occupation

Please make sure that you enter the correct information for these items. If you enter incorrect information, you are the one who will be in trouble when you win and withdraw your money from the casino.

The registration form also requires you to register a username and password. If you are going to spend your valuable funds at that site, register an original password that is not easily recognizable by others.

In addition, if the site offers a bonus to new registrants, you should receive it during the registration process.

Next, you will need to authenticate your account. You should receive a short message at the e-mail address or phone number you registered with, and you should click on the link provided to activate your account and complete the registration process.

This completes the setup of your new account. The next step is to make a deposit.


Each site offers different types of deposit methods. The main deposit methods include the following:

  • Online bank transfer;
  • Credit and debit cards (VISA, Mastercard, JCB, AMEX, etc.);
  • E-wallets (Ecopays, Vega Wallet, Stickpay, etc.);
  • Virtual Currency;

Choose one of these deposit methods that you are comfortable with.

Also, keep the following in mind when making a deposit:

  • Can the method used for deposits also be used for withdrawals?
  • Fees for deposits and withdrawals;
  • Maximum deposit and withdrawal amounts;

You can find out which deposit methods are supported by the online casino site, such as bank wire, credit card, e-wallet, and virtual currency, by referring to the actual deposit page, payment method page, and FAQs.

The actual deposit procedure is very simple:

  1. Open Deposit Page;
  2. Select a deposit method;
  3. Enter the deposit amount;
  4. Decide if you want to receive a deposit bonus (optional);
  5. Click the Deposit button;

The procedure that follows depends on the deposit method you have selected. Follow the instructions on each screen to complete your deposit.

Once the deposit process is complete, the funds will be reflected in your player account. It should usually take only a few seconds for the funds to appear in your account. (However, bank transfers may take longer. Each online casino will also vary slightly in the time it takes for the funds to be reflected in your account. Please refer to the terms and conditions of each site for the time required to make a deposit).

In the unlikely event that your deposit is not reflected in your player account, try refreshing the page. If the funds are still not reflected, contact the casino’s support.

Play Games

Your deposit has been completed and your funds should now be reflected in your player account. Now it is time to enjoy playing casino games. Online casinos offer a wide variety of gambling games, with thousands of games available, but they can be broadly divided into the following types of games

  • Slots,
  • Card games (e.g. blackjack, poker);
  • Roulette;
  • Dice games (craps, sic bo, etc.);
  • Others;

In addition to slot games and classic table games, some online casinos offer bingo, sports betting, and even poker.

When you open the game lobby, you will see that there are many different categories of games. Click on the title or thumbnail of the game you are interested in to load the game. On the game screen, you will see a “? (question mark) or “I (info icon)” to see the rules and additional information about that game.

Once you understand the rules and how to play, decide on the bet amount that is best for you and click the “Spin” or “Deal” button to start the game.

It is also recommended to play with your precious funds and see how it goes in free play before risking losing. Most sites allow you to play free games to see how the game progresses.

Once you launch the game, select the “free play” option to activate the test game. In Free Mode, every bet you make and every win you make is ad hoc. You never lose, but of course, you never win on the other hand.

Contact Support

If you have any questions about the casino you are using, contact the support of the respective casino and see what they have to say.

Most online casinos offer several ways to contact support.

  • Email
  • Live Chat
  • Phone Support
  • Social Media

You can find support response times by checking each online casino’s website. We also review support on our recommendation ranking and on the description page of each online casino, so you can get a preliminary idea of the quality of support at each site and the level of help you can expect to receive.

In addition, many sites have FAQ pages for frequently asked questions, and you may be able to solve your problem within those pages without having to contact support.

Withdraw winnings

Players can withdraw any funds remaining in their account or winnings from games at any time. Open your account and submit a withdrawal request.

There is one important thing to remember.

That is, you need to use the same payment method for deposits and withdrawals. This means that you can only use the same payment method for withdrawals as you used for deposits. For example, if you deposit funds to your account by bank wire transfer, only bank wire transfer can be used for withdrawals.

However, this does not apply to credit and debit cards. Credit and debit cards are payment systems only and do not have the ability to receive funds.

If you use your credit or debit card to deposit funds, you will need to withdraw funds using a different payment method, such as a bank wire or e-wallet.

The time required for funds requested for withdrawal to be received depends on the site and payment method used and may take a few hours or even days. You can check our explanation page to see which withdrawal method is faster. Some withdrawal methods are also faster than others.

Once both the online casino site and the payment processor have approved your withdrawal request, the funds will be deposited into your bank account or the account of your chosen payment method.

Identification (of a person)

Online casino sites are obligated to verify that the player registering an account is indeed that person. This regulation helps online casinos combat money laundering, underage play, fraud, and other forms of abuse.

Some online casinos authenticate a player’s account by checking it against a database held by a third-party organization against the information entered during account registration.

However, most online casinos require players to provide some form of identification before they can make their first withdrawal. This is known as a verification procedure (KYC).

Online casino sites require the submission of the following documents, and the method of submission varies from site to site, but can be done by uploading them on the site or sending them via email to a dedicated contact point.

  • Document to verify name and address: passport, driver’s license, or ID card;
  • Proof of address: Receipt of a utility bill or other official documents that verifies name and address;
  • Proof of payment: Photo of the payment method used to make the deposit: bank statement, photo of both sides of credit or debit card, or screenshot of e-wallet screen, etc.

Once the documents have been submitted in the specified format, they will be checked by the online casino, and once the checks are complete, the account will be authorized. These verifications usually take several days. Again, our experts will explain how long these procedures take on each of the explanation pages on this site.

Advantages of Playing Online Casinos

There are many advantages to playing casinos online compared to casinos with stores abroad.

  • No need to pay for international travel;
  • Play from anywhere;
  • Access from your smartphone or computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • Wide variety of games;
  • Newly released games offer better payouts and more chances to win;
  • Play for low amounts;
  • Play for high stakes;
  • Access to bonuses;

There are no casino stores in Japan yet. However, with online casinos, you can play anytime and anywhere on the Internet from your smartphone or computer, and enjoy the same or even higher quality games than those offered in storefront casinos.

All of the online casinos introduced on this site are licensed and operated in accordance with the strict regulations of each country, and all are trustworthy casinos, so all players can play with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Casinos

How can I find the best online casinos for Japanese people?

We have carefully selected and introduced only the best online casinos for Japanese players. We have online casinos that are well-licensed, safe to enjoy, and can meet various players’ needs.

For the features of each casino, please refer to the explanation page and the information on the ranking from our recommendation ranking. Each feature is introduced in detail, including the following categories

  • Bonus;
  • Settlement Method;
  • Number and type of games;
  • Rating;

Once you find a casino that interests you, read reviews from other players and gather as much information as you can about the online casino.

How do you choose which online casinos to recommend?

The online casinos introduced on this website have been carefully selected mainly from the following perspectives:

  • User Reviews;
  • Expert Reviews;
  • Opinions of our members

We have long experience as online casino experts. Based on this experience, we select and introduce casinos that are a good match for Japanese players. In addition, we incorporate ratings and reviews from outside experts and actual online casino players to carefully select online casinos that we can more accurately and confidently recommend to Japanese players.

What are the most important requirements you should look for in an online casino?

Different online casinos target slightly different player demographics, and their characteristics also differ. Some of these differences in characteristics may be expressed in the attractiveness of the online casino, which may be difficult to describe in words, while others can be visualized in numbers or other data.

The following perspectives are the most important factors to look for in an online casino site.

  • The full range of payment methods that allow for easy deposits and withdrawals;
  • Whether bonuses and associated withdrawal conditions are strict or not;
  • Number and type of games;
  • Whether features against gambling addiction are available;
  • Reviews, ratings, and reputation from players and experts;

Some players may not find these aspects particularly important. For example, if you only play live casino games against live dealers, you probably don’t need the thousands of slots available. And if you don’t use bonuses at all, then the abundance of bonuses, such as first deposit bonuses, and whether or not those bonuses come with withdrawal requirements, should not be important.

However, I would recommend that you try a new feature or a feature that you have never used before once in a while. Perhaps there is a game that you can get into and enjoy more beyond the excitement of the games you have played and experienced.

Is Vera&John aka. Bellagio Casino really the most popular online casino in Japan?

We do not know if it is the most popular casino, but Vera&John Casino is a well-established online casino that was one of the first to launch its online casino service for Japan and has a very large number of registered players. If you are even remotely interested in online casinos, you have probably heard of Bellagio Casino at least once, but you may be aware that online casino = Vera&John Casino.

Vera&John Casino has remained in the industry for many years and is well known for the number of games it offers, bonuses such as free spins, and the quality of its services. However, since various types of online casinos are now available in Japan, we recommend that you check out the actual sites and review sites yourself to find the online casino that best suits your needs.

Why is it called Onkaji in Japan? And what does it mean?

Onkaji is literally a shortened term for online casinos. It is a shortened term that has gradually spread as online casinos have become more popular among the Japanese.

Overseas, online casinos are generally called “Online Casino” and are not abbreviated as in Japan. Casinos are sometimes simply called “casinos”, but there are also storefront casinos overseas, and the term “casino” can refer to all casinos, both online and storefront. In contrast to online casinos, storefront casinos are sometimes called land base casinos or land casinos.

In Japan, casinos are often referred to as “Internet casinos,” but this terminology is not used in other countries. Casinos, online casinos, land casinos, and land base casinos are commonly used.

What are the withdrawal conditions set for bonuses?

Withdrawal conditions set for bonuses are conditions on the amount of money that must be bet before the bonus money can be withdrawn.

For example, if you receive 10,000 yen of bonus money and the withdrawal requirement for that bonus money is 20x, you must bet a total of 200,000 yen or more to be able to withdraw the bonus money.

Withdrawal conditions are set for all bonus money, and the degree of withdrawal conditions is one indicator to evaluate bonuses and online casinos.

Should I accept online casino bonuses?

We recommend that you consider what you are looking for in an online casino when deciding whether or not to accept a bonus.

If you want to play as many games as possible at an online casino, you should accept bonuses. For example, if you receive a deposit bonus, you can play games for the amount you deposited plus the amount of the deposit bonus.

On the other hand, if you are looking to make a little profit and make money at an online casino, you should be cautious about whether or not you accept bonus money. There are various rules regarding bonuses, such as games that can be used, withdrawal conditions, withdrawal limits, and so on. These rules should be summarized in the Bonus Terms and Conditions, so be sure to check the Bonus Terms and Conditions and decide whether you can play more profitably with the bonus or not because of the strict conditions of the bonus.

Are online casinos illegal in Japan?

The fact is that online casinos are neither legal nor illegal in Japan, as the laws governing online casinos are not yet in place. Japanese law provides for the crime of gambling under Article 185 of the Penal Code, which requires that both the operator of the casino and the participants in the gambling game be located in Japan. However, in the case of online casinos, the operator, i.e., the company that operates the online casino website, obtains a license from a foreign country and operates the online casino legally in that country.

The legal system has not kept up with the speed at which online casinos have entered the Japanese market. Currently, it is neither legal nor illegal to operate online casinos in Japan.

Are there taxes on online casino winnings?

Yes. If you win at an online casino, you are considered to have earned income and must pay taxes.

You may be wondering how much you have to pay taxes on your winnings. However, if you have a salary income from your main job as a company employee, you are not required to pay taxes on up to 900,000 yen per year.

If your non-salary income totals 200,000 yen or less, you do not need to file an income tax return and no tax will be incurred. Income other than salary is considered temporary income, but temporary income is subject to a special deduction of up to 500,000 yen per year. The taxable amount is calculated by halving the temporary income. In other words, income is treated as income when the amount of income earned from online casinos exceeds ¥200,000, which is calculated by subtracting ¥500,000 from the profits earned from online casinos and then halving the amount.

How to Calculate Taxes on Temporary Income
(900,000 yen – 500,000 yen) ÷ 2 = 200,000 yen

If you earn more than ¥500,000 per year, or more than ¥900,000 for company employees, and are unsure how to file tax returns and pay taxes, we recommend that you consult a professional tax accountant.

Is there a must-win method or strategy for online casinos?

There is no must-win method or strategy that will always win or make you more money at online casinos. If you search the Internet for the terms “winning strategy” or “strategy,” you will find many plausible explanations and articles. These “must-win” or “strategy” methods are written to suit the player’s convenience and make it seem as if he or she can definitely win at online casinos. However, online casinos are gambling. There are no must-win strategies or strategies for gambling.

You cannot rely on the information products and tools that are all over the Internet that claim to be winning methods and strategies. Never trust them and never be fooled by them.

How can I make money at online casinos?

Gambling is a form of entertainment, not just online casinos. It is not a tool to make money.

Don’t rely on the many online casinos on the Internet that claim to be a way to make money or a winning strategy. Online casinos offer casino games and services as a business, and they have a house edge to avoid losing money. It is impossible to beat the house edge. In the long run, players are more likely to lose more money than they win.

Online casinos are always risky, and it is nearly impossible to replace a steady income. If you really want to make a living from online casinos, it may be more realistic to start up an online casino as a manager and start a business rather than play in an online casino as a user.

Can’t I win at an online casino?

Online casinos are businesses, and they operate with a house edge in order to make money and not lose money. However, this does not necessarily mean that the online casino wins and the player loses.

The house edge is an average of the return on investment. The house edge is an average of the return on investment, which means that there is a possibility of winning more than the average.

If you feel that you cannot win at online casinos, why don’t you review the following points?

  • Are you influenced by immediate income and expenditure?
  • Are you playing only games that do not have a high payout ratio?
  • Do you win and lose money at the end of the day?
  • Do you play only in your spare time?
  • Do you have a good cash management system for online casinos?
  • Do you keep a record of your wins, losses, and play history?

These are all things that anyone can put into practice right away. There is no strategy, but in a sense, doing these things well can be called a strategy. If you feel that you are not winning at all at online casinos, please take a look at your own play.

How do I withdraw money from an online casino?

In order to withdraw money from an online casino, you should first follow these minimum rules

  1. Enter correct information when registering;
  2. Do not create multiple accounts at one casino;
  3. Read and follow the Terms and Conditions. Never fail to understand the Terms and Conditions, especially when using bonuses!
  4. Submit all documents required to verify your identity;

If you encounter any problems when making a withdrawal, contact the online casino’s support. If you have not done anything against the Terms of Service and the site still refuses to accept your withdrawal, you can protest.

If the online casino’s response is not what you expected and does not resolve the problem, you can file a complaint with the third-party organization listed in each online casino’s Terms of Service.


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